Lessons by Teachers

Lessons for High School

Single-Story-of-Slavery by Thom Finley

Finding-Freedom by Erin Dalbec

The-Confessions-of-a-Negro-Man-in-18th-Century-New-England by Dannette Fogle and Marie Leveque

Jonathan-Edwards-and-Slavery by Amber Hastings

Ona-Judge by Sonia Ramos

Slave-Codes-New-England-vs-Georgia by Janice Richards

Dispelling-Myths-Slave Experiences-in-Early-North-America by Howard Marshall and Mallory Zahn

African Americans in New England Speed Dating  by Melissa Cohen

Analyzing Slave Petitions in the Revolutionary Period  by Wendy Bergeron

Characteristics of Slavery in Colonial New England  by Peter Vamosy

Colonial Slavery in the North  by Calvin McFarland

Examination of the Historical Narrative of Boston  by Sabra Brown

Examining Primary Sources on the Experience of Slavery in Colonial Massachusetts  by Kara Gleason

From Slavery to Racism in Northern States  by Jason Burns

Impact of Slavery on the Family Structure of African Americans  by Martin Felix and Al Hinton

John Winthrop, Trade and Slavery  by Paul Major

Race and ‘Unfreedom’ in America  by Tom Ostheimer

Slavery and Historiography  by Kim Bliss and Christine Pyle

Slavery by Another Name  by Valencia Robinson

The Labor Triangle  by Jennifer Howland

The Triangle Trade using Primary Documents by Dorothy Morris-Ross

Using Primary and Secondary Sources to Analyze ‘On Being Brought from Africa to America’  by Katie McGriff

Venture Smith  by Jeffrey Bourque and Jennifer Henley

WebQuest African Americans in New England  by Linda Kleeman and Rose Ann Roberts

Lessons for Middle School

Comparing-Slavery-in-New-England-to-Apartheid-in-South-Africa by Harriet Kulig

Slavery-in-the-Colonies by Sue Chudy

In-Every-Sense-of-the-Word by Jeff Frenkiewich

The-Transatlantic-Slave-Trade by George Roberts

Analyzing Slavery in Northern Colonial America  by Chris Butler

Are You a Historian 8th grade  by Carleena Day

Building Historical Perspective and Empathy Using Visuals as Primary Sources  by Sherri Krassin and David Klippert

Long Time Coming-Creating a Monument to Abijah Prince  by Michele Celini and Vickie Walsh

Myths & Facts Slavery in the Colonial North by Ann Cason-Snow

Mumbet  by Heidi Wojtas

Slavery from Ancient History through the Present  by Maureen Prendergast

Slavery in Early New England  by Steve Mock

Uniqueness of Each Colony The Regional Differences  by Bradley Olman

Using a 1739 Household Inventory to learn about Colonial Life  by Eve Zeese

Using Colonial Account Books as a Window into the Lives of African-Americans in Colonial New England  by Kyle O. von Kamp

Where I Am From-Experiencing slavery with primary sources by Jennifer Johnson-Corwin

Why Did People Keep Slaves  by Megan Matulewicz

Lessons for Elementary School

Who-Was-Oney-Judge by Christine Tigue

Place-and-Time-Matter-A-Roadmap-of-Slavery-in-the-North by Deb Vanderpoel

Importance-of-Trade-in-New-Hampshire-Triangular-Trade by Staci Willbarger

The-Middle-Passage-An-Inquiry by Amy Brown

Thinking-Visually-about-Mumbet by Kerry Bean

Shared-Traditions-and-Memories-of-Enslaved-People-in-New-England by Karen Shashoua

Slavery-of-Indigenous-People-in-Colonial-New-England by Shannon Johnson

The-Case-of-Romulus by Joe Coll

What-is-Slavery by Rachel Dworkin and Sally Imbimbo

South-or-North by Eve Evans

Slavery-and-Colonial-America by Kristen Eckhardt

Then-and-Now-Slavery-and-the-Legal-System by Rick Lee

Enslaved-Africans-in-Early-New-England by Patricia Marks-Sund

Life-as-a-Northern-Slave by Tammiann Trudell

Triangle-Trade-Web-of-Interaction by Ryan Silvia

Are you a Historian 5th grade  by Cathy Johnson

Colonial Slavery in New England  by Kristen Kitts, Aimee Harden-McPhee and Jackie Chase

Historical and Biographical Timelines  by Kerry McGrath

Long Time Coming-Creating a Monument to Abijah Prince  by Michele Celini and Vickie Walsh

Measuring Artifacts  by Marianne McGriff

Mumbet’s Path to Freedom  by Elaine Duckworth

Perspectives on Slavery and Freedom in Colonial New England  by Jocelyn Chu, Elaine Phipps, Barbara Simpson and Carol Thornton

Sale of African American Female Slave to Free African American Man  by Linda Ruehle

Venture Smith for grade 3  by Carla Chatelain

What I See The Daily Life of Thee  by April Veraldi